Building Operations Team Capacity

How can operations teams be equipped to improve company performance?

Demand for economical production, intensifying ESG compliance management, and a pending labour shortage are putting operations teams in an impossible situation. There’s more data, more to do, and fewer people to do it. 

Learn how North American producers are utilizing technology to align company goals with daily operations activity from head office through to the field frontline.

Join the webinar to discover:

  • Operations issues today and real costs.
  • How technology can align operations team activity with company goals.
  • Impact of operations change on OPEX, production and ESG.
  • Roadmap to level-up operations performance.

Presenters: Adam Cann, Co-Founder of EZ Ops has worked in oil field operations for over 15 years. He co-founded EZ Ops in 2015 to take the software the team had developed for their own efficient field management and offer it to other producers. Since then, EZ Ops has earned a 100% adoption rate among North America's leading upstream producers delivering tens of millions in savings for clients, certainty of hitting ESG goals, and rewarding work for operators. Adam will be joined by Mike Exner, EZ Ops Sales Executive and champion of solving customer needs.


Event Details:

Thursday, December 2, 2021
11am - noon MT (10am PT / 1pm ET)

All registrants will receive a recording.

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Built by Operators for Operators

EZ Ops is the #1 technology choice of oil and gas operations teams
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With EZ Ops we pulled all the fragmented systems and data into one place, now operators use this information to make decisions that have reduced our OPEX 18% and cut road time 80%.

VP Production
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Tracking our chemical injection has always been tricky, EZ Ops gives us peace of mind to know exactly what’s happening in the field.

Aspen Leaf
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Not sure what I would do without EZ Ops, I use it everyday to communicate with my team. Makes my life much easier.

Independent Operator
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Digitalizing our operations has allowed us to truly get the most from our assets versus firefighting issues.


About EZ Ops

EZ Ops equips oil and gas operators to focus on the top priorities for action to produce the cleanest and most profitable hydrocarbons in the world. Our operations intelligence platform provides the complete capabilities needed to operate by exception behind one login. EZ Ops is the #1 choice of operations teams, built by operators for operators earning us a 100% adoption rate. To date, we’ve saved our customers more than $54 million in time and operating costs, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4,880 tonnes.

Learn more at www.ezops.ca.

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